2 Cavan Road 

11 January - 27 January 2020

Art comes to 2 Cavan Road! A former ship repair factory, the heritage space is activated and enriched by contemporary art through various exhibitions and programmes throughout January 2020. Presented by the Singapore Arts Club, a sister project of Yeo Workshop.

STRANGE THINGS is an exhibition populated by unfamiliar entities and alien objects - objects that intervene, disrupt, interpose, negotiate, representing a range of responses to the material and visual milieu of the derelict structures of the 2 Cavan Road complex. Dating from the early 1930s, the now disused factory space represents an eclipsed historical presence in the layers of the palimpsest that is Singapore's urban fabric. The objects and bodies of Strange Things, like transplanted beings in an otherworldly landscape, are playful, meditative, exotic, phantasmagorical. 

Artworks by:

  • Celeste

  • Mike HJ Chang

  • Muhammad Akbar

  • Dawn Ng

  • Nicholas Ong

  • Filippo Sciascia

  • Santi Wangchuan

  • Wong Lip Chin

  • Shawna Wu

  • Julie Curtiss

  • Anna Weyant

  • Caitlin Keogh

  • Emily Ludwig Shaeffer

  • Lisa Wright

  • Genesis Belanger

  • Loke Hong Seng (Satelite project @ 1 Cavan Road)

From community workshops, neighbourhood walks to craft fairs, 2 Cavan Road promises fun-filled family friendly learning journeys which re-ignites your imagination and re-discover your sense of time and space in today's fast changing landscapes. 

The Singapore Arts Club presents a program of curated sessions, titled "Billiard Table Chats and Beers with Artist", as part of the pop-up exhibition, Strange Things, at 2 Cavan Road. This series of talks is designed as casual, direct encounters with participating artists, with refreshments sponsored by Asia Pacific Breweries. Come meet the creative minds behind the works in the show, and learn more about what they do! 

The Jalan Besar Heritage Trail tells a tale of two former swamps. It traces the urban development of a floodplain that once existed on the north bank of the Rochor River. It also charts the stories of the communities and cultures that sprung up around the muddy basin of Singapore’s longest waterway, the Kallang River. This trail also passes through Cavan Road and explains briefly about the history of the road and key businesses around the area including the Kwong Soon & Co. Engineering building at 2 Cavan Road, now a pop-up art destination. This curated tour extends the trail by exploring the history of the building and its unique neighbourhood. The tour is conducted by Sarah Lev, a docent at the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore Tyler Print Institute and the National Gallery Singapore. Lev is also a tour guide licensed by the Singapore Tourist Bureau, focusing on local heritage, and arts and architecture. She speaks English and Hebrew, and is proficient in Spanish.

In conjunction with the Singapore Arts Club, the Recharge Foundation presents HUMANMAKES, a pop-up exhibition and series of workshops with local creatives, focused on craft and design.

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