Is This Even Legal?

A Talk About Public Art

TUESDAY 19TH JANUARY 2016, 12.30PM TO 1.30PM
In reaction to the second annual launch of the Singapore Arts Club, the subsequent lecture will focus on public art. 

Public art, which vaguely refers to an array of creative practices will be defined and visualised by referring to the works of reputable artists. The discussion will question the given practices in the context of legality, reaction, and cult, and how the work behaves in regards to the art market.

Examples include Banksy, Vasmou, Anish Kapoor and Paul McCarthy.

Lecturer: Anni Oates


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Limited seating, RSVP required.
An admission fee of $15 is inclusive of a catered lunch.
Sean Lee
From the series "Shauna", 2007- 2009